What is the scenario when the Jane Ellen Mark Scholarship might serve a family?

The best way to answer the question as to when The Jane Ellen Mark Scholarship Fund might be utilized is to describe a scenario that would perfectly represent what we are trying to accomplish.

The Jones family lives in a under-served area of a major metropolitan city. They are a solid family, active church members and believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They are willing to give testimony to that belief. Their children are reaching school age, and unfortunately, the local schools are under-funded, under-achieving and struggling with little hope for improvement in a stressed neighborhood. Their resources and those of their extended families preclude them from considering private alternatives. They are trapped in an unforgiving system. 

Their neighbors, the Smiths, send their children to a Christian school which seeks diversity and provides tuition assistance to financially challenged families. The Joneses inquire further, and knowing that the Smith’s children are flourishing in this excellent Christian environment, determine that they are going to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to give their children the same educational opportunities. The Joneses go through the admittance process and are accepted by the participating school’s administration. They also qualify to receive financial aid. Although the challenges are great, the family trusts God and does what is necessary to come up with the tuition requirements not covered by the school’s financial aid. Their commitment is real.

The student/s thrive at their new school in an atmosphere of enthused teachers, engaged families, an enriched Christian worldview and a school philosophy that engenders academic excellence and character strength. The Joneses are excited that they trusted God and took this step to give their child/children the best chance possible. This was a good decision.

During the summer after the child’s/children’s first year, Mr. Jones is cut back at his job. His already limited income is now significantly reduced. Paying any tuition, which was initially a stretch, has now become an impossibility, at least for the forseeable future. The Joneses make an appointment at the school to announce that regrettably, they will not be able to reenroll their child/children for the next term. This unfortunate circumstance would be a huge loss for all concerned.

The school community loves the Jones children who have blossomed in the school environment. The family has engaged strongly in the school community by volunteering for school events, building relationships with other families and promoting the school to others. It has been a match made in heaven, literally.

What is the solution? The Jane Ellen Mark Scholarship Fund.