Help us to give a few families the opportunity to set a new trajectory in their children's lives.

Become a Scholarship Partner

A Scholarship Partner is led by God to donate to a fund to allow kids to have educational opportunities that they could never have without this support. The maximum scholarship assistance that the Jane Ellen Mark Scholarship Fund will provide for each student is 30% of the year's tuition. As an example, the full tuition for Central Christian School for the 2019/2020 school year is $10,000. The maximum financial aid that can be offered by the school is 50% of that tuition based on rigorous, third-party evaluation of the family's ability to pay. That is generous assistance from the school. For families who are struggling financially, the balance of $5000 per year still puts a good, Christian education out of their reach.

Full funding (30% of tuition) by Scholarship Partner/s for one child for one year's tuition would be $3000. That investment could change the child and family's life forever.

A Scholarship Partner can contribute at any level as the Lord leads to the general Jane Ellen Mark Scholarship Fund. The money will then be added with contributions of other donors and allocated to students needing scholarship assistance based on the discretion of the participating school’s administration.  Partners can decide to donate to scholarship funding one year only or provide funding for the same student year after year as long as the need persists and the student continues to be a good fit at the school. Central Christian School will provide periodic reports about the progress of Scholarship students.

Any and all contributions to The Jane Ellen Mark Scholarship Fund will be greatly appreciated.

To make a tax deductible donation, go to the Central Christian School website, Click on the "Giving" tab. In the drop down list, choose "Jane Ellen Mark Scholarship" to designate your gift. For more information contact Central Christian School.


The most crucial component of the Scholarship Fund is to seek God’s involvement in helping to choose and bless recipients. Praying for the process, the participating schools, families and designated students is the most powerful support we can give. It is God that will make this plan work. The Jane Ellen Mark Scholarship Fund is a wonderful way to answer the prayers of families who want a great education for their children and to bear witness that God can make it happen as the fulfillment of their faith.

Be a Scholarship Ambassador

There is another way you can help, regardless of whether you can commit financially. If you believe in the premise of helping to set a new life trajectory for under-served children by giving them a chance at a great education, tell your friends. Scholarship Ambassadors can make a meaningful difference by sharing this vision with others. God might use you to convince another to participate. Thank you!

For more information, contact Noah Brink at Central Christian School.