Jane Ellen Mark

Jane Ellen Mark was a life-long learner. She read voraciously, loved words and their meanings, ideas and their origins, and continuously took notes about her reading and studying. Because of these loves, she was also passionate about education.
Jane Ellen believed that the purpose of all education should be to point the learner back to the author of all truth, the God of creation. 

Jane Ellen was also a tender-hearted and generous woman, and this generosity was most poignantly seen when directed toward children. She saw in children the beauty of their Creator. She also loved a good story. She never met a story she didn’t love. In each person she met, she saw a story unfolding, one she wanted to follow and walk alongside as its pages turned.
She delighted in watching young children grow and mature, particularly as they learned about God’s love and provision for them. 

The Jane Ellen Mark Scholarship Fund brings together the passions of Jane Ellen’s life. She would delight to know the stories of the young children who will be blessed by this scholarship fund, to have known their stories as they unfold, and to be able to weave into their stories the blessings of a quality Christian education. To know that those stories were being shifted by the light of Christ and a quality education, that light is an incomparable gift.

Please consider contributing to the Jane Ellen Mark Scholarship Fund to honor her legacy.