Thanks for your interest in The Apollos Foundation. We hope our mission to help families and kids is a concept that is appealing to you. Click on the logo below for a brief explanation of what The Apollos Foundation is all about. The balance of this website lays out our philosophy and the plan in detail. Again, thank you for your interest!

Why Is There a Need for The Apollos Foundation?

In a perfect world a good education would be available to all children. In a scripturally perfect world, that good education would be offered from a Christian worldview. Unfortunately, socio-economic circumstances preclude many good families from being able to take advantage of outstanding educational opportunities. It is not a child’s fault that he or she is born into a family that doesn’t have the financial means to provide the best education. The challenging conditions in many urban school districts exacerbate the problem. Families have little or no choice. An exceptional education for their children is out of reach. The Apollos Foundation seeks to provide a simple solution to this problem. We want to provide students with a new trajectory for their lives through education.


What Is the Model for The Apollos Foundation?

In the book of Corinthians, Paul provides an image of the type of support philosophy which defines our work and God’s work. Referring to the faith of the Corinthian Christians, he states, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God made it grow.” 1 Corinthians 3:6. We believe that the Holy Spirit plants the seed of Christian character in children through believing families, the church and the Christian school. We also understand fully that only God will cause that character to grow. Apollos, based on his desire to nurture Christian character in the First Century, “watered the seed” through teaching and encouragement. This enhanced its chances for growth. The mission of the Apollos Foundation is to encourage socio-economically challenged families seeking to provide their children with a good, Christian education through financial, emotional and tutorial support.


What is the Methodology of The Apollos Foundation?

The challenge is to connect solid families with the desire and commitment to provide their kids with the best education possible with a great school experience where it can happen. Most Christian schools offer financial aid to socio-economically challenged families, but often the remaining cost is still too high. The Apollos Foundation seeks to provide additional funding from individuals, businesses and grants to help bridge that gap. This is an unrivaled investment opportunity. The donated funds will be given directly to the participating schools to assure 100% use for this designated, supplemental financial aid. There are no administrative expenses. Stringent criteria have been developed and will be used by the leaders of each participanting school to make sure the funding is allocated to the most deserving children and families. Funding will be reevaluated annually as needs persist.


Who Will Implement This Plan?

There are many good Christian schools in the St. Louis area willing to reach out to under-served students. Central Christian School in Clayton, Missouri (www.centralschoolstl.org) seeks to provide an excellent educational experience from a Christian world view. CCS is the first participant school designated by the Apollos Foundation. This Blue Ribbon School is blessed with an ethnically diverse and culturally inclusive community. These two attributes in combination have made CCS very attractive to many Christian families. As time goes by maintaining these two dimensions may become more difficult. Excellence in education with all of its accoutrements is expensive. Rising costs will most likely necessitate higher and higher tuitions. This will reduce the potential for a continued socio-economic diversity. Currently, financial aid, as allocated in the school budget, can fill only part of the funding gap.

We believe there is a need for another funding source which will allow well-intentioned Christian families in under-served areas to take advantage of an excellent Christian education for their children. The goal of The Apollos Foundation is to give disenfranchised kids the chance for a new direction for their lives. A relatively modest amount of ongoing financial assistance for a right-motivated child can make a huge difference in his or her life and for their future impact on the world. We want to establish new trajectories for kids through educational alternatives.

Can We Convince You to Help?

We're inviting individuals and companies to become Apollos Partners. Each participating school will have access to donated Apollos Foundation funds. The foundation will not be advertised and donor interaction will be confidential so that families will not be able to seek out this support directly. The fund will be distributable as a God-given blessing to deserving families based entirely on the discretion of the school’s administration in the form of scholarships, support over-and-above the funding available through the school's financial aid.

If you believe that the mission of the Apollos Foundation is worthy of your support, we ask that you become an Apollos Partner.

 Apollos Foundation Brochure 

For more information, email us at mailto:wwichman@me.com.